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Setting-up Benchmarks

Pupil Benchmark is an evidence-based approach to tracking pupil progress.
It allows teachers to upload evidence directly to a pupils profile and show what impact that evidence has had on a pupil's "progress to benchmark"
Some of your questions, answered. If there is anything you would like to ask our team, please just get in touch.

How do I add my first Benchmark Target?

Adding your first benchmark is like riding a bike, you need to learn how to do it, but once you do - you never forget.


How do I add Pupils to my Benchmark 

Once you have created your Benchmark Boards, Its time to start adding your pupils. Teachers can control which level the pupils join the board.


How do I add a Curricular Area?

Uploading your Pupil Data doesn't have to be a chore. Upload a spreadsheet from your school MIS and that's it! 


How do I create an IEP Board?

Some pupils need a more individualised learning plan - Use Pupil Benchmark to create IEPs, and manage your pupils progression towards achieving benchmark.

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