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Getting Started

Pupil Benchmark is an evidence-based approach to tracking pupil progress.
It allows teachers to upload evidence directly to a pupils profile and show what impact that evidence has had on a pupil's "progress to benchmark"
If there is anything you would like to ask our team, please just get in touch.

Can I download Pupil Benchmark from the Apple App Store?

Pupil Benchmark is a Progressive Web App - this means it takes less time to install and set-up, allowing you to focus on the lesson at hand


How do I upload my Pupil data?

Uploading your Pupil Data doesn't have to be a chore. Upload a spreadsheet from your school MIS and that's it! 


Can I log in through

the 'MySchool' Dashboard
(Northern Ireland only)

Pupil Attainment & Progress data is considered sensitive PII. Wholeschool Manage all of this data in a GDPR compliant way,

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