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Report Builder

Pupil Benchmark is an evidence-based approach to tracking pupil progress.
It allows teachers to upload evidence directly to a pupils profile and show what impact that evidence has had on a pupil's "progress to benchmark"
Some of your questions, answered. If there is anything you would like to ask our team, please just get in touch.

How do I replay my Class's learning journey?

"Replay Benchmark" is a unique reporting feature which allows Teachers to show a full class's journey to 'At' or 'Above' Benchmark.


Creating and Exporting Reports

Our feature rich report builder allows you to get the most from your benchmark data.

Report on individuals, classes, year-groups and custom cohorts.


How do I access the Pupil Report Card?

Each pupil has their own report card within the app. Here you can keep track of assessment information and view individual reports, benchmarks & evidence history. 

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