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School Websites: Top Tips from our Web Designers

First impressions count. The more impact a homepage has, the better. That’s why our designers have put together a quick list of things that your school’s site ought to have!

1 – Consistent design.

Consistency in design will give the end user a seamless experience when jumping from page to page. Things like using the same font type, font size & headers can add a real sense of professionalism to your website. A good colour scheme and correctly positioned logos will give your site a sense of identity.

2 – High Quality Images

One of the most visually effective aspects of any website, is the imagery. In the past 5 years, we have seen a paradigm shift from Vector based design to the use of high quality photos; this has become more accessible due to the rate at which the technology in mobile phone cameras has improved.

3 – Simplify your written homepage content

Written content should always be precise; no waffle. Nobody wants to open a site and see oodles of text, it looks daunting. A ‘wordy’ homepage will almost certainly decrease traffic to the site.

4 – Social Media integration

Social media and schools have had a love hate relationship from the outset. However it doesn’t have to be this way. Social media can be a brilliant tool for engaging with the student body. Not only does it utilise a platform which students are comfortable with, it is perfect for quick & easy dissemination of timely information.

5 – Optimise your website for all devices

Around 60% of all traffic to our school websites come from mobile devices (Smartphones & Tablets). That is going up and up with the increased availability of low cost smart-devices. This is why, a well optimised website, is so important! Your school site should be as striking on a phone as it is on a desktop computer. Ensuring the most important content is available with the least resistance possible will help give the user an impressive mobile website experience.

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